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At “Korimanka” you can relax in the bosom of beautiful nature, only 15 km from Prešov

Starting from July, they cook over the weekends, organize folk festivals every month.

June 29th, 2017 at 9:35 RENÁTA NÉMETHOVÁ, Editorial Office of the daily „Korzár Prešov


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firemné akcie a teambuilding v reštaurácii korimanka pri prešov

In a picturesque setting of beautiful nature, on the outskirts of the village of Kvačany near the city of Prešov, there is a stylish Restaurant “Korimanka”.

Its story is based on strong local patriotism and respect for the ancestors.

Thanks to the Tomaščin family, many families with children or cyclists from the city and surrounding villages can relax in the fresh air in a pleasant environment over the weekend.

The Restaurant “Korimanka” is also becoming a favourite place for weddings or celebrations of all sorts.

In July they start serving hot meals for visitors beyond the participants of the pre-arranged celebration parties, and on June 24th they invite visitors to join a genuine Slovak folk festival.

They have made money for the start by hard work in England

The owner’s father has inherited a piece of land after his mother several years ago. Already at that time, he thought he would build up something there, but the project was not implemented eventually.

"I revived my father’s idea and together with him we have cleared the piece of land while I was studying at the college and we have built two trout breeding ponds and we gradually started cultivating the surroundings," says Jaroslav Tomaščin, MSc.Eng.

After graduation, he went to England to join his girlfriend at that time, now his wife, Denisa, to make money for the construction of “Korimanka”.

Both of them worked hard for three and a half years, saving all the earned money to have it ready later for the start of the project.

firemné akcie a teambuilding v reštaurácii korimanka pri prešov
Name as remembrance of the grandparents

“We came back to the east through Bratislava, where we worked after returning from England, and concurrently we started building. After some time, as a designer for major projects, I returned back home and now I work from home on job orders received from external customers. We have always wanted to return to the region where I was born and I am glad that my “Korimanka” project in the beautiful nature of the micro-region of Čierna Hora is appreciated by people and that the number of visitors is growing.”

He reveals that the name “Korimanka” is a remembrance of the grandparents.

"When they drove the cows to pasture, they used to say that they were going to “Korimanka”, this is how this locality has always been called in Kva

any. They would certainly love to see how we have developed it.”

No semi-finished products, freshly made dumplings and gnocchi

The restaurant is open three days a week, from Friday to Sunday.

"Until now, in addition to a complete list of beverages, we were offering our visitors only genuine Italian pizza. Starting from July, during weekends we serve hot meals to all visitors, not only to those at pre-arranged celebration parties. So if you come here with children or on a bicycle, you can find in our offer genuine Slovak dishes, such as homemade dumplings or gnocchi with sheep cheese, everything fresh, not made from semi-finished products, but also short order meat meals, grilled trout “Korimanka”, grilled blue cheese with cranberry-mint sauce or some other delicacy. Of course, draft beer “Šariš” 10° and 12°, “Kofola” soft drink and the whole assortment of various drinks and coffees,” presents Jaroslav the new features of the Restaurant “Korimanka”.

firemné akcie a teambuilding v reštaurácii korimanka pri prešov
A favourite place for weddings and celebrations

The restaurant has become a popular and very original place for weddings or other celebrations. The capacity of inside premises is for about 47 guests, dancing is possible on the terrace. All around the place breathes nature and a beautifully landscaped plot with flowers, ponds and charming nooks.

"We also had a wedding ceremony here, it was very romantic. References are shared by guests, they especially appreciate that to have a celebration party in this environment is a fabulous idea.

To get here is simple, you just contact us through our address: www.korimanka.sk, https://www.facebook.com/korimanka, and choose a specific menu or a warm buffet," explains Jaroslav Tomaščin.

For children the playground, for barbecue the gazebo

The tables on the terrace are free for visitors even if there is a celebration party inside. Children can find a playground here and many of them even do not want to go home, they so much like frolicking in the fresh air.

In case that you wish to grill or cook goulash with your friends, you can rent the gazebo for the whole day. The owners of the Restaurant “Korimanka” will give you wood, a kettle, glasses, plates and everything else you need.

In the surroundings you can walk in the woods, pick mushrooms or explore the cycling trails connecting the municipalities associated in the micro-region of Čierna Hora.

Folk festivals and the Folklore Fest

In the summer months, the owner and his wife organize once in a month folk festivals featuring well-known folklore ensembles, singers and bands.

The dancing lasts long into the night, enjoyed by the visitors and the performers alike.

"Next Saturday, on June 24th, the band “Ester” (Rasťo Lendacký) from Prešov will perform at “Korimanka”. On the 5th of August, the Folklore Fest Korimanka 2017 will start, with performances of the well-known ensembles “Šarišan” and “Rozmarija” and in the evening the famous rapper of the ensemble “Kontrafakt” will appear as a surprise for the younger generation. The experience from the last year shows that people are interested in such actions, almost 120 performers appeared here, creating excellent atmosphere," adds Jaroslav Tomaščin, who has a couple of surprises for the future, but keeps them for himself for the time being.

You can find more information at: http://korimanka.com a https://www.facebook.com/korimanka/?fref=ts.

June 29th, 2017 at 9:35 RENÁTA NÉMETHOVÁ, Editorial Office of the daily „Korzár Prešov

firemné akcie a teambuilding v reštaurácii korimanka pri prešov